Scientists: Using an eye mask while sleeping is beneficial

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 Scientists: wearing an eye mask while sleeping is good< /p>

If you want to wake up more prepared for the day: put on an eye mask, says Sciencealert.

According to a new study of 122 participants, blocking outside light during sleep can improve alertness and memory the next day.

Study authors from research institutions in the UK, Italy and the US say this is further evidence of a link between light and sleep, and that controlling the former can help control the latter.

“External light can influence structure and time to sleep. We explored how wearing an eye mask that blocks out light during a night's sleep affects memory and alertness, changes that may benefit everyday tasks such as studying or driving,” the researchers write in their article published in the journal Sleep.

Lab tests showed that participants who slept with an eye mask performed better on the word-pair association task, which measures the ability to recall events and experiences. They also performed better on a test that measures reaction time.

An association test also showed that wearing an eye mask helps in learning new information.

According to questionnaires completed by study participants, wearing an eye mask did not affect the time or duration of sleep.
< br /> This study shows that an eye mask can improve sleep. Since so many of our daily tasks require alertness and higher memory performance, it might be worth considering trying them in your nighttime routine.

“Given the current climate of life hacks, sleep monitoring and cognitive enhancers, our results show that an eye mask is a simple, cost-effective and non-invasive way to get a good night's sleep. more useful”, — researchers write.

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