Scientists unearthed in Egypt, ancient Christian Church

Ученые раскопали в Египте древнейшую христианскую церковь

Earlier archeologists found on the ground near Alexandria similar religious buildings

In Egypt, near ancient Alexandria, archaeologists stumbled upon a Christian temple, which is dated to the fourth century of our era, writes the with reference on the Wall.

It is assumed that this finding, which is a credit to the Polish researchers from the Centre of Mediterranean archaeology at Warsaw University, will provide an opportunity to learn about the unknown facts of the early Christian period in the land of the pharaohs, and pagan priests.

It is worth noting that Polish archaeologists have long and systematically engaged in excavation in Egypt. Their archaeological mission continues, since 2000 year and during this time, the researchers found many valuable for the history of discoveries. The most abundant unique antiquities of the territory of the ancient port of Marea, which is located near the famous Alexandria. It was there that according to Archaeology News Network, was discovered an ancient Christian Church.

However, initially, this place was found by others, no less interesting for historical science objects. Among them is an ancient Basilica and a chapel, in which there were numerous mass graves, and a collection of ceramic fragments. Found collection was the most ambitious of all who have ever found in this country. During the survey of the Basilica was found, scientists have determined that it existed from V to VIII century ad, and then for some reason went into decline.

It was during her survey was discovered the Church and set its approximate age. Archaeologists found it under the floor of the Basilica. IV century BC — it is only the most modest estimate of the age of this temple, which makes this Christian Church one of the oldest in Egypt. Earlier archeologists found on the ground near Alexandria similar places of worship, belonging to the period of early Christianity. According to the head of the Warsaw archeologists Krzysztof Babraj, this event is invaluable from the point of view of the entire world of archaeology.

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The remains of an ancient wall were found just below the floor of the Basilica. It turned out that it is the outer wall of the temple even more ancient than the Basilica. Thus, according to the scientist, form walls, which are composed of limestone, and fragments of ceramics and glass that were found inside indicate that this temple is not younger than the 4th century ad. According to estimates of archaeologists, the size of this building was about 24 by 15 meters. Likely that itself is a Basilica, which stood on top, was a victim of the earthquake.

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