Scientists told how to regain strength for the day: “it is Enough 20 minutes”

Ученые подсказали, как восстановить силы в течение дня: "Достаточно 20 минут"

Scientists told how to cheer up and rejuvenate during the day when already feeling tired and lose efficiency

Scientists from the US set what time a day you can afford to get some sleep. This habit is associated with great Wellness potential, convinced the doctors.

Researchers representing medical school the Keck University of southern California, said that the ideal time to sleep too long beyond 15 hours. If to take a NAP for 20-30 minutes after 3:00 PM, it will help greatly to improve health, convinced the American doctors.Ученые подсказали, как восстановить силы в течение дня: "Достаточно 20 минут"

Also short sleep at this time of day beneficial to the quality of brain function, helps to be active in the second half of the day and not experience the problems covered in the next night.

“A short NAP of about 15.00 optimally suitable for the recharging of well-being and health. Anyway through a natural decline in circadian rhythm, many are beginning to feel sleepy and vigilant, ” said the authors.

To sleep longer at this time experts do not suggest, as the long sleep in the afternoon can go into a deep phase, and after waking up people is a long way away from the dreams. Night with possible insomnia.

By the way, Japanese scientists from Tokyo University, it was discovered that NAPs longer than 40 minutes correlated with a high risk of developing heart disease.

We will note, earlier scientists have discovered what causes short NAPs and how to avoid consequences. Spanish scientists from the National center of cardiovascular research, said that “short and shallow sleep increases the risk of atherosclerosis”.

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Ученые подсказали, как восстановить силы в течение дня: "Достаточно 20 минут"

In the new study, researchers examined 3974 people (mostly men) not suffering from any cardiovascular diseases. Find out with the help of special equipment, usually how much sleep these people, experts have divided them into groups: the first group included those who slept less than 6:00, the second sleeping from 6 to 7:00, in the third — sleeping from 7 to 8:00 in the fourth — sleeping more than 8:00.

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