Scientists told how to cope with stress with your smartphone

Ученые рассказали, как справиться со стрессом с помощью смартфона

Scientists have found that lonely people unable to cope with stress with your smartphone

Scientists have identified new benefits of the practice of mindfulness. The researchers found that by practicing mindfulness with your smartphone, you can become 22% more social.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving three groups of people. For 20 minutes each day, one group learned to work with stress by using apps on your phone and practice mindfulness, the second group studied only the observation of the emotions, and the third group just received common recommendations for overcoming difficulties.

Ученые рассказали, как справиться со стрессом с помощью смартфона

The results showed that the participants in the first group, who worked with their stress, the results showed 22% more socially active.

“When we talk about awareness practices, referring to two key points. First, learn to focus and monitor their feelings in the moment, be the sensations of the body, thoughts or images. Secondly, to learn to accept their attitude to these experiences,” the scientists say.

Researchers say that programs of training of awareness must teach participants to mentally note the sensations, but not to change their physical condition. For example, participants were offered first to accept their difficulties and then learning to work with them.

We will note, earlier scientists dispelled the myth about the benefits of meditation. An international team of psychologists has studied how meditation affects social behavior.

Revealed that meditation may enhance the capacity for empathy, but does not help to reduce the level of aggression and the level of prejudice regarding certain social groups. In addition, it was found that many authors of studies of meditation may unconsciously distort the results of the experiments.

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Ученые рассказали, как справиться со стрессом с помощью смартфона

Over the last 10 years there have been many studies of meditation. Most of the work is devoted to the impact of the practice on the one who meditates on his anxiety level, stress response and health status. but works on how meditation affects the relationship between man and others, less, although meditation is often said as a way to become dobrogicus to others.

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