Scientists told about the benefits of men in old age

Ученые рассказали о преимуществах мужчин в старости

It is known that women generally live longer than men, but men have an advantage with the advent of old age

However, older women are worse in old age health indicators better not to have them, and men. The study of this paradox involved the researchers from Exeter University.

So why do women live longer, but age worse than men? According to scientists, the explanation of this phenomenon is due to the genetic conflict between the sexes: genes that ensure the survival and health in men and women behave differently.

Ученые рассказали о преимуществах мужчин в старости

The study showed that the difference in the quality of aging mostly answer sexual genes which control playback functions. As you know, in women after menopause fertility off – the ability to become pregnant and bear a child naturally stops.

As a result, the sex genes accumulate in the female body, without any practical purpose. Researchers believe that this fact adversely affects women’s health and forcing women to age worse than men.

The representatives of the stronger sex the sexual activity of genes quite naturally correlated with their ability to give a new life that supports their health during aging.

Ученые рассказали о преимуществах мужчин в старости

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“Natural selection favours those most suited to live, ie it can leave offspring. Therefore, the genome of the males retained genes that allowed them to remain in a relatively healthy old age — because even at this age, they can contribute to the continuation of the species. In women, these genes are active, while keeping the reproductive function,” explained the authors.

The fact that women live longer than men, scientists attribute primarily social factors.

Ученые рассказали о преимуществах мужчин в старости

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