Scientists told about the benefits of dessert: this is the way to slimming

Ученые рассказали о пользе десерта: это путь к похудению

Scientists have found a positive point in your selection of dessert for those people who want to lose weight

The results of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Arizona (USA) and the Technological University of Monterrey (Mexico), published in the journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

The researchers conducted four experiments. In the first of them, held in the self-service café at the business school of the Technological University, one of the authors, David Flores (David Flores) and his assistant conducted interviews with 134 visitors about their views on healthy eating.

Ученые рассказали о пользе десерта: это путь к похудению

The interview took place after dinner went through the line with a choice of dishes. During four days, a dessert (either cheesecake or fresh fruit, but not at the same time) had in the beginning of the line, at the end.

The visitors of the coffee shop were also offered other dishes, some of which were more healthy and useful, and some — more unhealthy calories. Flores and his colleague carefully recorded that it preferred to eat the visitors. It turned out that those visitors of the coffee shop, which first took with distribution lines cheesecake, the average consumed for lunch for 30 fewer calories than those who first chose as a dessert fruit.

Moreover, the chances of that choose high-calorie dessert at the beginning then take it with distribution lines less caloric meals was twice higher than in a situation when cheesecake was situated in the end of the line.

In the next experiment, the scientists simulated site with a delivery of food. The participants also had to choose between the beneficial and nutritious dessert, and do it either at the beginning or at the end of the process of choosing the lunch menu. The results of these experiments were approximately the same as that of the experiment in the cafeteria.

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The researchers suggest that this effect is explained as follows: when a person selects from high-calorie dessert, then he’s subconsciously trying to atone for “guilty” and therefore gives preference to less nutritious food. And the one who initially made a choice in favor of fruit, then allows himself to relax and to take something high in calories.

Ученые рассказали о пользе десерта: это путь к похудению

Scientists believe that this psychological phenomenon can make use of the sites, food delivery, restaurants, cafeterias and buffets, self-service, exposing pastries and cakes at the beginning of the distribution lines and thereby encouraging their visitors to eat right.

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