Scientists to “settle” on an asteroid: all the details of the ambitious project

Ученые "поселятся" на астероиде: все детали грандиозного проекта

Scientists want to build a space station inside the asteroid

Employees of the University of Vienna plans to build a station inside the asteroid. This project should provide the opportunity to use the rich minerals and sediments within these rocks. In addition, the natural body of the asteroid will protect the space station and all of its workers from radiation.

Scientists conducted a large-scale study, which found that the asteroid of solid rock is better suited for creating space stations. Such asteroids make several turns around its axis per minute, which will provide sufficient centrifugal force.

Ученые "поселятся" на астероиде: все детали грандиозного проекта

Thus, the astronauts can drill the asteroid and set in it the necessary equipment that will extract minerals.

Thomas Meindl, one of the authors of the project, believes that stable asteroid will not use aluminum wall and other materials for station construction. For this you can use the asteroid. A large rocky body is able to provide station protection from radiation and cosmic radiation.

However, implementation of this project, scientists will have to solve a number of problems that can arise in certain circumstances. The tunnels, which are planning to drill for creating the station, can weaken the asteroid and it will break apart. Because of the actions of the astronauts asteroid might stop spinning. Thomas Meindl believes that this mission can and should be done, but not earlier than 20 years. During this time, scientists plan to examine in detail the possibility of cosmic bodies.

Such a project could provide humanity with the necessary resources to study planets and distant travels into space.

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Ученые "поселятся" на астероиде: все детали грандиозного проекта

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