Scientists: the risk of myocarditis from COVID is 7 times higher than from a vaccine

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 Scientists: risk of myocarditis from COVID is 7 times higher than from a vaccine

The risk of developing myocarditis from the coronavirus is seven times higher than from the COVID vaccine. This conclusion was reached by scientists at the Medical College of Pennsylvania in their study, which studied the effect of top vaccines on the possibility of inflammation of the heart muscle. Patients with myocarditis may experience chest pain, shortness of breath, or arrhythmia. In severe cases, inflammation can lead to heart failure and death. “Our results show that the risk of myocarditis from contracting COVID-19 is much higher than from vaccination. It will be important to monitor potential long-term effects in those who develop myocarditis,” — said Dr. Navia Voleti of Milton Hershey Medical Center in Pennsylvania. Heart complications associated with the mRNA vaccine have been previously identified, especially among adolescent boys. A team of scientists conducted the largest study to date on the risk of developing myocarditis as a result of infection with coronavirus and the use of a vaccine. The risk of illness was 15 times higher in patients with COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, compared to people who did not contract the virus. The researchers then separately compared the scores of those who received the vaccine and those who had not been vaccinated. Rates of myocarditis in people vaccinated against COVID-19 were only twice as high as in unvaccinated people. Based on all the findings, the researchers concluded that the risk of myocarditis due to COVID-19 is seven times higher than the risk associated with vaccines.

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