Scientists surprised by a new discovery about dogs

Вчені здивували новим відкриттям про собак

/ newscientist

Experts conducted an experiment with 70 dogs of different breeds to find out how well pupils understand human speech.

The dogs were given audio recordings of various people who speak six words which differ only vowels (e.g., had, hid, and who’d). In addition, all recordings were edited so that the voices sounded the same altitude.

That is the dog supposed to respond only to the difference in vowel sounds. It turned out that most of the dogs (48 of 60) were able to recognize the same word. So, the attention of the dogs were weak, if they heard the word again, even if it was voiced by another person. The reaction of dogs on language was estimated based on animal behavior, such as movement of the ears or eyes. When the dog heard a new word, then attended. If the word was repeated, the attention was waning.

“I was surprised at how well some dogs react to unfamiliar voices, says the author of the study. This may mean that they understand more than we think.” According to scientists, the ability to recognize vowels in words can be the result of domestication.

Вчені здивували новим відкриттям про собак

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