Scientists spoke about the terrible effects of painkillers: “it is better to endure”

Ученые рассказали о страшных последствиях болеутоляющих: «лучше терпеть»

The pain medication triggers obesity

British scientists have claimed that frequent intake of analgesic drugs can lead to serious diseases, obesity and severe insomnia. According to scientists, it is pain provoke a dramatic weight gain in most people.

Researchers from Newcastle University found that almost 90% of the cases, such drugs affects the cardiovascular system and disrupt the metabolic processes.

While doctors say that the painkillers are prescribed to patients are often only in 2016 in the UK there were 24 million prescriptions for drugs containing opioids.

Ученые рассказали о страшных последствиях болеутоляющих: «лучше терпеть»

Scientists say that uncontrolled pain in almost 100% of cases causes violations of the gastrointestinal tract and pancreas, contributing to a significant increase in body weight.

Earlier in the National Kidney Foundation announced the list of the most harmful actions to our kidneys. It is a quite standard set of habits that adversely affect the whole body. Just kidney first fall under the distribution.

Any medicines can be taken only on prescription. The kidneys are particularly sensitive to anesthetic drugs. Them dangerous to use, when you already have a kidney disease. Be careful, watch out for the contents of their kits and the amount of ingested medicines.

Ученые рассказали о страшных последствиях болеутоляющих: «лучше терпеть»

Recently, scientists have also described how pineapple can help people suffering from back pain. Consumption of pineapple and pineapple juice helps with back pain and spinal problems. Analgesic effect of pineapple have been associated with the action of the enzyme bromelain. Scientific experts agree that people suffering from back pain, you can take bromelain in the form of supplements or add more pineapple to your diet.

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According to their conclusion, bromelain in a natural way reduces inflammation and thereby helps with the uncomfortable and painful sensations that are associated with disorders of the spine.

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