Scientists say that sleep deprivation may provoke skin cancer

Ученые утверждают, что недосып может спровоцировать рак кожи

The development of the disease also can affect the constant lack of sleep, Smoking and eating foods with pesticides.

Specialists American organization Skin Cancer Foundation found that the risk of skin cancer affects not only the prolonged exposure to the sun, according to the with reference to

Also on the development of cancer is influenced by lack of sleep – melanoma may occur as a result of shortage of the hormone melatonin. Therefore, experts suggest going to bed before 11 PM.

The “normal” melatonin protects the skin from harmful UV radiation. He is also a powerful antioxidant and is able to “absorb” free radicals better than vitamin a or C.

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The risk of developing melanoma also increases Smoking. The third reason may be the use of products, including pesticides and poisonous food additives.

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