Scientists: Salvador Dali's unusual sleep technique works

Scientists: Salvador Dali's unusual sleep technique works

Scientists have decided to find out whether the sleep technique used by the great artist Salvador Dali really increases creativity and promotes inspiration.

When Salvador Dali decided to take a nap, he took a bunch of keys in his hands, and put a metal tray on the floor, after which he plunged into a light doze. When the artist fell asleep soundly, the keys fell out of his hands right onto the tray, and he would wake up from a loud sound and start to work.

Surprisingly, as scientists have found out, this technique really works. The research results were published in Science Advances.

Participants were asked to solve a math problem, after which they were allowed to take a nap and start solving again. The experiment showed that participants who spent at least 15 seconds in shallow sleep tripled their chances of finding a solution, which implies increased creative thinking, than those who did not sleep during the break.

& quot; Here we show that joint brain activity in the twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness ignites creative sparks, '' the scientists said.

It also turned out that if participants fell asleep deeper, the whole effect and “ creative fuse '' passed. Scientists note that the Dali technique should be tried by anyone who wants to get creative.

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