Scientists said than useful to watch movies

Учені заявили, чим корисно дивитись фільми

Favor watching movies

Scientists have prepared a good news for moviegoers, because movie theater attendance has a positive effect on health. Read more below.

British researchers from University College London. came to the conclusion that the movies brings the same benefit as a light workout in the gym.

This was confirmed by an experiment involving 51 of a viewer who viewed the film “Aladdin” with special sensors. They monitored the reaction of the skin and the heartbeat of the film. There was also a control group with the participation of 26 volunteers who read books in a relaxed atmosphere.


While watching the movie heartbeat accelerated. The results showed that the audience for about 45 minutes spent in heart-healthy area of the heart (for people aged 30 years from 96 to 160 beats per minute). The norm is 100 beats per minute, which can be tracked at rest. The same effect bring and light exercise.

The fact that the body reacts to what is happening on the screen and send signals to the brain. Thus, even strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves focus.

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