Scientists reveal which vegetables can prevent cancer

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 Scientists reveal which vegetables can prevent cancer

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Potatoes and tomatoes can prevent the development of cancer due to their high content of glycoalkaloids.

Scientists from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland have come to this conclusion in a new study.

They studied the biologically active substances found in many vegetables and their potential effectiveness in treating cancer. According to study co-author Magdalena Winkel, scientists around the world are looking for drugs that kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Therefore, a group of researchers decided to focus on glycoalkaloids.

According to previous studies, these substances inhibit the growth of cancer cells and can kill them, which offers hope for future treatments. The scientists used computer simulations that showed that glycoalkaloids are not toxic and do not pose a risk of DNA damage or future tumors, but there is likely a risk of negative effects on the reproductive system.

Researchers have identified safe and quite promising groups for people are solanine and chakonin. They are found in potatoes. Their amount in tubers varies depending on the variety and temperature/light conditions. Solanine prevents metastasis as well as the conversion of compounds into carcinogens in the body. It can also kill cancer cells when used in therapeutic doses. Chaconine can be used to treat sepsis due to its anti-inflammatory effect.

Tomatoes may also be used in future treatments, as tomatine helps the body regulate the cell cycle by killing cancer cells. According to the scientists, further research is needed to find out how the potential of these compounds can be effectively used in real treatment.

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