Scientists recommend parents to abandon the “baby talk” with children

Вчені рекомендують батькам відмовитися від "сюсюкання" з дітьми

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Parents who talk to their children with the correct adult speech, can stimulate brain development and the child’s speech.

Infants, to whom he spoke, using adult language (not baby talk), talking more and better to 18 months compared with other children.

The authors of the study, experts from the University of Washington, is recommended when dealing with babies to use real words and correct grammar. It would be useful to speak slowly, use a high tone and a bright tone.

How figured out the experts if you follow these rules, already to 14 months will be a noticeable difference. The kids spoke clearly and in full words will know and be able to pronounce more words than the children with whom spoke, using babbling and garbled words.

Вчені рекомендують батькам відмовитися від "сюсюкання" з дітьми

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