Scientists predicted a new ice age in 2020

Ученые предсказали новый ледниковый период в 2020 году

According to experts, this period will last for decades.

According to experts, in 2020, all living things feel cold, which eventually grow into an Ice age. This stage of life on the planet will last for about 70 years, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Similar conclusions were made by the staff of the website “Space Weather”. In a year people will think, how to escape from the cold weather. The reason for this is the transition in 2020, Sun in the phase of minimum activity. Earlier this happened in 1965-1715 years, when the sun was the minimum number of spots. So, instead of 40 thousand, there were only 50.

In Britain there are new crop circles

Recent data show the repetition of the story. Every year the number of formations in the Sun decreases. The next Ice age would be very harsh to tolerate it will last about seventy years. Climate scientists are already thinking on the creation of machinery for maintaining a comfortable temperature.

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