Scientists: Pepsi and Coca-Cola increase the testicles of mice

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 Scientists: Pepsi and Coca-Cola enlarge mice testicles

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Laboratory tests have shown that consumption of Pepsi and Coca-Cola increases testicular size and testosterone concentration in mice.

According to the researchers, this contradicts previous findings that consumption of carbonated drinks negatively affects fertility.

According to previous studies, sperm quality decreased by 30% among those who drank one liter of Coke. daily.

In a new study published in Acta Endocrinologica, scientists gave mice both drinks or caffeinated soda for 15 days without diluting with water. Rodents consuming sweet "clean" drinks showed an increase in testosterone concentrations.

In addition, testicular size in mice that drank Pepsi or Coca-Cola that was not diluted with water increased significantly compared to the group that consumed the diluted drinks. .

According to scientists, higher doses of cola can increase the length and width of the testis and stimulate their growth in mice.

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