Scientists: Non-contact thermometers work less accurately on dark-skinned people

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 Scientists: non-contact thermometers work less accurately on black people< /p>

A new study has shown that modern non-contact (forehead) thermometers used to measure body temperature on the forehead may work differently when it comes to people of color.

According to a study, such thermometers may be less accurate at measuring temperature in dark-skinned people, CNN reported.

Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta and the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii at Honolulu studied the effectiveness of frontal and oral thermometers in detecting fever in 2031 black and 2344 white patients with infections. The prevalence of fever detected in black patients was 10.1% using a forehead thermometer compared with 13.2% using an oral thermometer in white patients, the prevalence was 10.8% in temporal and 10.2% in oral.


Scientists have concluded that this situation may lead to the fact that fever in dark-skinned patients will more often go unnoticed, and subsequently the disease may be misdiagnosed or even not treated.

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