Scientists “infected” mouse autism

Ученые "заразили" мышь аутизмом

According to researchers, this may help in developing treatments that reduce the symptoms of the disease.

The scientists were able to cause symptoms of autism in mice, transplanted her feces of a person who suffers from this disease, writes the with reference to UNIAN.

The experiment was conducted in order to test the theory that intestinal microbes can also contribute in the occurrence of manifestations of autism.

This assumption has recently been discussed in scientific circles. Therefore, during the study, mice transplanted feces of a child who suffers from the disease. As it turned out, the animal then began to behave less social and less active. His behavior appeared repetitious patterns that were not there before.

In contrast, the behavior of genetically identical mice, which transplanted the feces of a person without the disease, there were no changes.

Microbiologist at the California Institute of technology Sarkis Margaryan, who conducted the study, said that intestinal microbes are unlikely to cause autism. However, they detected changes can help in the development of new therapies that can alleviate or remove the symptoms.

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“Potentially, this opens the possibility that intervention in the microbiome will be effective in autism. We found certain organisms and their waste products, which cause symptoms in people. However, we do not know whether these same symptoms such microbes”, — said the scientist.

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