Scientists have warned about the unusual events in the Solar system

Ученые предупредили о необычных событиях в Солнечной системе

Something strange is happening at the edge of the Solar system.

Far away from our planet, in the outer limits of the Solar system, there is something very strange. Strange objects do not rotate as it should, and scientists can not understand why, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Some experts immediately suggested that this may be the mysterious planet X, but earlier this year, a more plausible explanation for what is happening.

This can be one large object. Oscillations of the orbital character may have been provoked by the many small objects that are in the Kuiper belt. These calculations were able to explain why these objects are so strange and unusual orbit.

The assumption of the existence of planet X appeared in the year 2016. Astronomers have been studying the dwarf planet located in the Kuiper belt. They then noticed that several of the found it did not obey the influence of the gas giants, which are in the Solar system and their orbits took the form of a loop.

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At the same time, the orbits of the objects were grouped in such a way that it seemed like something pushed them and caused such location. That’s when scientists suggested that it might make some mysterious planet, which until today cannot even detect with modern equipment.

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