Scientists have warned about the hidden dangers of the future stargazing

Ученые предупредили о скрытой опасности будущего звездопада

Large particles in the composition of the meteor may collide with the Earth.

Tauride meteor shower which the Earth passes every year in September-December can be dangerous for our planet. To such conclusion the group of astronomers, reports the with reference on the Evening News.

Scientists have conducted simulations, which showed that meteor swarm can be large pieces.

What is the danger? Tauride meteor stream associated with comet Encke — it is a train of meteoric particles which have been separated from the comet in the past. These particles were relatively small, so they are considered safe. But the results of the simulation, which was conducted by scientists show that it is not so.

In this year the Earth will pass within 30 million miles away from the center of the Taurid stream, which is approximately one hundred times greater than the average distance between the Earth and the Moon.

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It will be a fairly close distance, causing the orbit of the meteor stream will cross the orbit of our planet. This causes the concern of scientists. As in this case, the particles can harm the Earth.

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