Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the mysterious flashes on the moon

Ученые разгадали тайну загадочных вспышек на Луне

About regular flashes on the moon are known since 1960-ies, and only now scientists have been able to find an explanation for these mysterious phenomena.

Astronomers know about the mysterious flashes on the moon, at least since the late 1960-ies, when the researchers Barbara Melchert and Patrick Moore has studied the literature and found almost 400 references to the strange events on the moon. Small areas of the lunar surface suddenly become brighter or darker with no apparent reason. Overview scientists about flares and changes in brightness on the moon was published in the journal “Science” on 27 January 1967, writes the with reference to Around the world

The emitted light is usually described as reddish or pinkish, sometimes sparkling. This glow may extend to a distance of 16 kilometers or more on the surface of the moon. The average event duration is about 20 minutes, but the glow may persist intermittently and within a few hours.

Amateur astronomers sometimes discover the flash with a telescope, although they are unpredictable, and detection may require hours or days of waiting. At the end of the event do not leave obvious traces on the surface of the moon.

Scientists periodically returned to the subject for five decades, but found no detailed explanation. It is known that flares occur a few times a week. This year a team of astronomers developed a new approach to the study of the subject, especially developing an Observatory to monitor outbreaks.

New device constantly monitors the Moon using two cameras, located 100 km North of Seville in Spain. When both cameras detect the flash, they record videos and do detailed photos of the event and send an e-mail to Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMU) in Bavaria (Germany), which controls the telescopes.

The Observatory is still in the development stage, and since April of this year, continuing improvements to the software. However, the researchers already have some explanations about the origin of the outbreaks.

“Seismic activity is observed on the moon. When the surface moves, the inner part of the moon can come to the surface gases that reflect sunlight, said project leader Hakan Kajal. — This explains the appearance of light flashes, which can last for hours.”

Scientists are exploring exotic matter in the solar atmosphere

Kajal said that, given the current plans to establish a base on the moon, it is important to know what is happening to living on the basis of the people were prepared for the new environment.

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