Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the famous Roman Palace

Ученые раскрыли тайну знаменитого Древнеримского дворца

Archaeologists have uncovered a centuries-old mystery of the Palace of Ancient Rome

The mystery of the famous Roman Cathedral of St. John Lateran is disclosed. It turned out, it was built on the site of the demolished Imperial residence, writes the with reference to Accents

The study involved universities of Florence and Amsterdam, as well as employees of the Vatican.

The Cathedral was built in the IV century on the orders of the first Roman Emperor who adopted Christianity, Constantine. The aim was to study the history of the Cathedral of St. John Lateran — the location of the chair of the Bishop of Rome and the papal throne.

This building was a private temple of the Pope, built on top of a hill. He stood over the city and dominated. Archaeologists have determined that previously on the site of the Cathedral for several centuries was rich in fortified residence of the Emperor Septimius Severus. Most likely, it was destroyed by order of Constantine for the Church construction.

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Interestingly, the ruins of the ancient structures were discovered at a depth of 8.5 meters under the Cathedral. Under the temple is also found the tunnel system, through which passes freely a grown man. In 1650-ies the Cathedral was reconstructed and unchanged since then, reached our days.

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