Scientists have uncovered the danger of 5G: may cause cancer and not only

Ученые раскрыли опасность 5G: может вызывать рак и не только

Everyone knows the 5G technology can be dangerous and provoke cancer

American scholar John Thomas says that the new 5G technology is dangerous for health because it can provoke cancer. In addition, the expert notes that the network also provokes Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and various heart problems.

The scientist believes that the introduction of new communication technologies 5G is fraught with dangerous consequences for human health. Specialist confirms your concerns and the available results of studies related to the effects on the human body 3G and 4G networks.

Ученые раскрыли опасность 5G: может вызывать рак и не только

Long known that the current Wi-Fi network adversely affect human health. But the new technology, which has a wavelength of 1 mm, which is more harmful to the human body.

The main danger John tower believes 5G networks, which are at a relatively small distance from each other. According to their degree of hazard can be compared with the included microwaves, especially if people live within range of the towers.

Ученые раскрыли опасность 5G: может вызывать рак и не только

Earlier it was reported that in schools and kindergartens banned Wi-Fi.

Numerous studies have identified the relationship between smartphones and a number of pathologies.

They pushed in Europe to radical decisions to restrict the use of these devices in schools. In 2015, in France, a law was passed banning Wi-Fi in kindergartens. This law also includes a paragraph that States that Wi-Fi must be disabled in primary schools. All Internet connections must be wired.

Even in commercials, you must specify that using the headset for calls much safer due to the reduction of detrimental effects of radiation on the brain. Also in France, the advertising must not be designed for younger users of the devices.

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Recall that scientists have created a supercomputer: “read minds”.

As he wrote Politeka, experts told what smartphones are the most dangerous to humans.

Politeka previously reported dangerous radiation of mobile phones.

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