Scientists have uncovered scandalous information about Jesus Christ: “Another person”

Ученые раскрыли скандальные данные об Иисусе Христе: "Другой человек"

Historians have shown the Messiah with a completely different side

A group of researchers made a documentary about the life of Jesus Christ called “Biblical conspiracies”. Unknown facts about the son of God was shown on channel Amazon Prime.

It turned out that Jesus could have taken a completely different person. He was not a Jew, and Greek. And had another name. Scientists said that Christ in reality was a Greek preacher Appolonia Tyana. As told by witnesses, he was a miracle worker. The sources noted: Apollonius healed the sick, raised from the dead and even foretold the future. For such feats of and considered him the son of God.

Ученые раскрыли скандальные данные об Иисусе Христе: "Другой человек"

Take Greek for the legendary Jesus was easy. According to scientists, Apollonius was born in the same year. Not only in the Israeli Bethlehem, and in Central Anatolia, which is now part of Turkey. The appearance of the preacher also reminded of Christ: bare feet, long beard and hair. In addition the topics of the sermons of the two figures are very similar.

Researchers believe that the tip of the Church over time, literally erased from the history of Apollonia. Likely to not overshadow Jesus. However, the name of a Greek prophet repeatedly found in historical texts.

It is worth noting that many of the faithful criticized the authors of the documentary film. In the first place, for ignorance of the Bible. Commentators noted that researchers brought only the myths that have been refuted by the theologians.

Ученые раскрыли скандальные данные об Иисусе Христе: "Другой человек"

Previously, scientists have suggested, how people will look in a thousand years. They expect changes of appearance and a series of biological mechanisms. The basis of the scientific model of lay analysis research and development made over the past several years.

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It is expected that advanced technologies are deeply rooted in people’s lives, barring global disasters. In the future the person should receive built-in protection against HIV immunity against most diseases and the ability to transfer consciousness from one body to another. The next breakthrough may be a transplant of a human head.

Amid these breakthroughs will continue to change appearance. According to scientists, through the Millennium, people will be much taller and possess more developed intellect. In addition, they will have the ability to easily adapt to new conditions, and this applies to life on other planets.

We will remind, scientists have uncovered the truth about extraterrestrial civilizations: “there is strong evidence”.

As reported Politeka, scientists have strictly forbidden to drink alcohol because of the threat of DNA damage.

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