Scientists have uncovered an amazing secret ancient people

Ученые раскрыли удивительный секрет древних людей

The ancient ancestors of humans after the migration out of Africa almost died from congenital anomalies to such conclusion paleontologists, examining a range of fossils.

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Scientists noticed that the remains of people who lived in the Pleistocene era (2.5 million — 9700 BCE) have certain characteristics, namely, the traces of mutations. Met both minor and very serious deviations, according to Archaeology.

So, in Europe and Asia have been found a femur with an abnormal curve. Qafzeh in a cave in Israel have found a skull of a child who suffered from hydrocephalus. Ancient people from Liguria (Italy) had a curved bone of the right forearm, but a healthy left hand.

Further studies have shown that such violations were not isolated, the percentage of unhealthy members in the population was very great.

The researchers analyzed data on 66 the petrified remains of an age of about 200,000 years. Most of them belonged to young specimens of different species of Homo that lived in different areas of the Middle East and Eurasia.

It turned out that two-thirds of the mutations, which had suffered by ancient people, almost never occur in modern humans (they are susceptible to only 1%). About ten diseases, scientists could not correlate with any of the modern disorder.

Scientists have suggested that a large number of congenital anomalies could be due to some cultural or environmental factor.
Maybe pregnant women do not receive sufficient nutrients. But the related diseases such as rickets, affect the whole body, and many of the skeletons were deformed only one side of the body. Also there was no trace of rituals, mutilating people.

The researchers came to the conclusion that the most likely explanation is inbreeding. In those days people lived in small and very secluded communities, so marriage was often between members of the same family. DNA tests also indicated low genetic diversity.

Scientists said that the ancient people could survive with severe disabilities, indicates a high level of mutual assistance. So, the child from the cave Qafzeh with congenital hydrocephalus died at the age of 3-4 years.

“When you consider that he lived about 100,000 years ago, it’s amazing,” said the study authors.

Previously, paleontologists have found that their “trauma” and the midwives were Neanderthals. So, they neodnokratno have found the remains of hominids with healed fractures — affected not only the fed, while they remained helpless, but also performed medical procedures.

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