Scientists have shown how disappearing glaciers in the Swiss Alps: photo

Науковці показали, як зникають льодовики у Швейцарських Альпах: фото

Scientists from the Commission for glaciology of the Academy of Sciences Switzerland conducted research in the Swiss Alps, to determine how much the glaciers have changed. For 130-150 years of ice and snow in the same places in the same period of the year decreased markedly.

More than 500 Swiss glaciers have already disappeared, and the government States that 90% of the rest will disappear by the end of the century if nothing is done to reduce emissions.

Науковці показали, як зникають льодовики у Швейцарських Альпах: фото

It is expected that the retreat of glaciers would seriously affect the water level – perhaps picking up their first the ice melts, but draining them for a long time. Officials fear that change can provoke rockslides and other dangers, and impact on the economy. Switzerland, which has no outlet to the sea, heats up twice as fast as the rest of the world, and last year its glaciers have lost 2% of the volume.

Some hope that politics can change the situation, especially after the October elections the green party increased its fraction. But glaciers are shrinking, scientists say.

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