Scientists have recreated the faces of ancient Egyptian mummies for the first time

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Scientists have recreated the faces of ancient Egyptian mummies for the first time

Researchers have applied modern DNA technology.

The faces of three men who lived in Ancient Egypt about two thousand years ago were able to recreate thanks to DNA samples extracted from their mummies. This is the first case in history of a successful reconstruction of the appearance, reports with reference to TSN.

According to scientists, these men died at the age of 25 between 1380 BC and 425 AD.

Egyptian DNA was isolated back in 2017 by scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Now employees of the American company with DNA technology Parabon NanoLabs have created 3D models of mummy faces, based on genetic data. The researchers used DNA phenotyping technology, with which they were able to restore facial features and other physical characteristics of people.

During the work, the scientists found that & nbsp; all three men had light brown skin, dark eyes and hair … At the same time, they were genetically closer to the modern inhabitants of the Mediterranean and the Middle East than to the modern Egyptians.

The researchers believe that their work can be used in modern forensics to identify new remains of unknown people. Their method has already helped to uncover 9 cases.

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