Scientists have proposed to change the height of the flight: that’s why

Вчені запропонували змінити висоту польотів літаків: ось чому

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Experts suggest to reduce the height of flight of the aircraft to reduce the impact of aviation industry on the climate of the Earth.

Airplane contrail is visible in the air strip of water vapor or ice crystals. Some of them can be stored for up to several hours. Previous studies have shown that contrails and clouds, which they help to form, have a significant impact on the climate.

Scientists carried out computer simulations showed that changing the height of flights can reduce the amount of contrails and reduce the time of their existence. This is due to the fact that contrails are formed under certain conditions of the atmosphere. The phenomenon is often observed in the upper troposphere and at high humidity.

According to experts, reducing the height of the flight is only 600 meters may reduce the contribution of contrails to global warming by 59%. The deviation of the trajectory of the flight would increase fuel consumption by less than one tenth of one percent. According to the authors of the study, the decrease in the formation of contrails compensate for the increase in CO2 emissions.

Вчені запропонували змінити висоту польотів літаків: ось чому

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