Scientists have predicted a weather anomaly in Europe

Ученые предсказали погодную аномалию в Европе

This summer Europe will get heat.

Weather website AccuWeather reports that Europe this summer will cover the extreme heat, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Because of the lengthy periods of drought would threaten agriculture. The rains will be several times less than usual in most parts of the continent. From the Iberian Peninsula will be raised a hot wave that can reach even Central Europe.

Most experts draw attention to the fact that a long heat wave can span multiple areas – from Portugal with Spain until Hungary and Poland. High temperature will first occur on the Iberian island, and then gradually begin to spread in different directions from the island. Many countries also threaten the very dangerous and widespread forest fires. At the same time on the Balkan Peninsula very often, there will be incredibly strong and, most likely, daily thunderstorms.

Most are lucky to Eastern Europe, where extreme climatic conditions will be observed for a short time and only partially. The experts noted that the average temperature in the middle of summer can reach almost forty degrees.

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It’s not the highest temperature in recent years, but due to the lack of rain for a long time, it is too great a risk of a severe drought.

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