Scientists have named the three main components of real happiness

Науковці назвали три головні компоненти справжнього щастя

Happy us do three things

Australian scientists have identified the three main elements of human life, which allows you to feel happy. Find out what according to scientists, allows to achieve inner harmony?

Experts from Deakin University analyzed 29 studies in the last 12 years and came to the conclusion that if not to take into consideration is really a serious illness, the condition itself is not included in the triangle of happiness. For example, it cannot prevent the happiness of excess weight.

However, among people with obesity of 2 and 3 degree (body mass index 35 and above) indicators of happiness can be reduced slightly, however, when BMI is below 35 the weight of a person on the feeling of enjoyment of life is not affected at all. Consequently, with the growth of 180 cm and weight 110 kg man is diagnosed with obesity. However, this fact does not affect overall life satisfaction, scientists believe.

Not too important for the level of happiness and place of residence, occupation, and the presence or absence of children.

But in the TOP 3 components of true happiness are: a loving partner, income (according to calculations of scientists, it needs to be up to $ 100 thousand per year) and social activity.

Науковці назвали три головні компоненти справжнього щастя

The second half of your life has a significant impact

One of the authors, Professor Robert Cummins, encourages doctors to think more about the happiness of the patient as a whole, not focusing only on high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. According to the scientist, his study also confirmed that with age life really improved.

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