Scientists have named the cleanest city of Europe

Ученые назвали самые чистые города Европы

Experts of the website Numbeo, specializing in the collection of statistical information on cities and countries, interviewed residents of more than 70 European cities and found out which one is the cleanest, reports Leave.

The data were reduced in the annual report Pollution Index 2018 Mid-Year. Each locality was assigned an index ranging from 0 to 100, where 100 is the maximum degree of contamination.

The leader of the rating was Helsinki. Its annual average indicator of contamination was 13,49. Also neat entered the capital of Iceland is Reykjavik (15,57), Zurich in Switzerland (16,42) and Stockholm (16,62) and malmö (16,67). The top 10 also hit the Swedish Gothenburg, Vienna, Munich and Copenhagen (21,30). Among European capitals the relative purity can boast of Tallinn, Oslo, Vilnius, Amsterdam and Prague.

The dirtiest European cities, experts have called Tetovo in Macedonia (97,57), Naples in Italy (84,61), Macedonian Skopje (82,17), Tirana in Albania (80,51) and the Italian Turin (73,48). Of the twenty most polluted cities went to Bucharest, Rome, Barcelona, Paris and Milan.

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