Scientists have named even one good reason to drink green tea

Учені назвали ще одну вагому причину пити зелений чай

Green tea is not only perfectly refreshing

Green tea is a real “”super””, known for several hundred years. It has a positive effect on weight and healthy intestinal flora. Scientists have found another useful property of this drink.

Chinese scientists decided to test whether green tea to be useful in breast cancer. To do this, they treated 16 studies.

In the search for anticancer substances, scientists have discovered plant-based ingredients, including ftone epigallocatechin-3-gallate (ECGC), contained in large quantity in tea. It belongs to the subgroup of polyphenols and, in addition to its antioxidant properties, has a high protective function for the cells, blocks an important enzyme that plays an important role in cancer cells.

Учені назвали ще одну вагому причину пити зелений чай

Green tea is extremely useful, if not abused

“For the development of breast cancer, this means the inhibition of growth of cancer cells. The results of the analysis showed that people with high consumption of green tea had a lower risk of breast cancer compared with people with low consumption of green tea. The researchers saw a linear relationship between green tea consumption and breast cancer risk. They came to the conclusion that drinking green tea for several years may reduce the risk of breast cancer”, – writes the edition Fit For Fan.

But care is needed

Whatever useful green tea, the latter results must be viewed critically. Most of the studies were conducted in Asia, including this meta-analysis. Therefore, the results cannot be applied 1: 1 to the Western realities. Research could involve factors such as healthy nutrition, ecology. Recall that green tea also contains caffeine and therefore should not be consumed in excessive amounts.

However, to give up your daily Cup of this wonderful drink you should not. Moreover, it is bracing and invigorating, which will take you to new achievements!

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