Scientists have named a new reason for the extinction of Neanderthals

Ученые назвали новую причину вымирания неандертальцев

Ancient hominids could die out due to lower birth rates.

French scientists have unveiled a new version of the causes which led to the death of the Neanderthals. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to according to them, ancient hominids would go extinct because of the declining birthrate.

The Neanderthals appeared in Europe about 600 thousand years ago and disappeared about 40 thousand years ago. It is noted that single opinion as to why the Neanderthals became extinct, no. Some researchers have attributed their deaths to climate changes and others with the appearance of the first human ancestors.

In the study, researchers calculated that by reducing the birth rate of these hominids 2.7% their extinction had to occur in 10 thousand years. The decline in birth rates for 5 and 8% led to extinction of six and four thousand years respectively.

Findings are made on the basis of a computer model to show which changes must occur among the Neanderthals to their number fell below five thousand individuals. “We show that in the long term, a small change in the level of fertility in young women could significantly affect the population growth rate in its long-term survival,” write the researchers.

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It is worth noting that the researchers can’t name the root causes of the fertility decline. Perhaps one of the reasons was the lack of food associated with competition with the ancestors of humans, and possibly interbreeding with ancient humans.

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