Scientists have made incredible: the skin instead of the patch

Ученые совершили невероятное: кожа вместо пластыря

Scientists have created artificial skin that replaces the damaged areas of the epidermis

It is known that the technology utilizes proprietary human cells, according to Hyser.

A scientist from the Institute for regenerative medicine, Wake forest has created a bio-printer. It uses human skin cells to create new layers of your skin and apply them directly on the wound. The procedure involves the collection of major skin cells — dermal fibroblasts and epidermal keratinocytes from a biopsy of healthy skin tissue human.

Ученые совершили невероятное: кожа вместо пластыря

The scientists added cells into hydrogel, and then put them in a bio-printer that scans the wound of the person, delivers the data into the software and tells the device where to put printed layers of the skin.

The resulting material is printed in a unique way to precisely match the areas of the wounds of the person he or she needs, without the need for a donor transplant of skin.

Using this technology, the healing will take less time with minimal risk. All thanks to the fact that the technique reproduces the natural functions of the skin, only at an accelerated option.

“The unique aspect of this technology is the mobility of the system and the possibility of treatment of extensive wounds on the spot by scanning them and measuring for the cell was located directly where they are needed to create skin,” said the creators.

The skin is the largest and important organ of the human body. It can indicate serious diseases throughout the body. One of the most popular views on healthy skin says that it is necessary to drink plenty of water to restore it, but it is not so.

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More doctors examined the characteristics of the cell, which help us look younger and protect the body from infection. As a result, experts suggest the use of oily creams to moisturize the skin, to monitor its cleanliness, avoid nervous tension and try to observe the regime of proper nutrition.

Ученые совершили невероятное: кожа вместо пластыря

Some fibroblasts are also able to turn into fat cells, giving the skin a youthful appearance and creating a peptide that plays an important role in fighting infection. The whole thing in a protein called transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β), which prevents their turning.

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