Scientists have made a new discovery about the teeth of saber-toothed cats

Ученые сделали новое открытие о клыках саблезубых кошек

According to a new study, canines of saber-toothed cats were strong enough to penetrate the skull of another animal. Probably, extinct animals used this ability in the hard inter-species battles.

Archaeologists from Argentina published a study according to which the fangs of saber-toothed cats were used in hard battles between the ancient animals, reports the with reference to NV.

Previously it was believed that the fangs of saber-toothed cats, which could reach 28 inches, was quite fragile, and the animals only used them to pierce the flesh of the defeated victim.

But, recently the archaeologists discovered two skulls of saber-toothed cats, which had signs of damage from the fangs of animals of the same species. Scientists speculate that holes in the skull caused by the fangs of these representatives of the extinct subfamily Felidae.

The opening means that the canines of saber-toothed cats was much stronger than previously thought, and these animals used them, including to fight with each other.

“The size and General contours of injuries that are present in the samples correspond to the size and contours in the upper canines of smilodon. In fact, this canine-toothed cat is the same as the form and size of the hole,” explain the authors of the study.

Scientists also concluded that the damage found in turtles not correspond to the shape of the teeth of any other known animals. Similar injuries have often found the remains of cats that still live like leopards, Cougars, cheetahs, and Panthers.

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It is believed that saber-toothed cats became extinct about 10 thousand years ago.

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