Scientists have introduced new units of measurement: the Earth weighs 6 ronnagrams

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 Scientists have introduced new units of measurement: the Earth weighs 6 ronnagrams< /p>

Scientists and representatives of the governments of different countries, who gathered at the 27th General Conference on Weights and Measures, held at the Palace of Versailles, near Paris, voted for the adoption of new metric prefixes in the International SI system of units, writes ScienceAlert.

The SI, created in 1960, is designed to standardize the entire metric system. To express large or vice versa small values, prefixes for units of measure are used. Over the past 60 years, the need for new prefixes for known measurement values ​​has grown, because science does not stand still and notation is required for huge values ​​or very small values. ; to denote large quantities), as well as ronto and quecto – to denote very small quantities. For example, 1 ronmeter – this is a unit with 27 zeros, and the quettameter – it's a one followed by 30 zeros.

“The yottabyte data measurement has reached its limit, there are many more. On the other hand, ultra-small quantities have also appeared in elementary particle physics. And they also need new values”, — says Richard Brown of the UK's National Physical Laboratory.

The new prefixes can be used for any quantity, according to Brown. Scientists have calculated that our planet weighs only 6 ronnagrams, but it is actually a six with 27 zeros after it.

Scientists believe that the new prefixes will help meet the growing need for larger values ​​for the next about 25 years old.

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