Scientists have identified, where are the fireballs

Ученые определили, откуда берутся шаровые молнии

The nature of the origin of this phenomenon was unknown.

Ball lightning is formed by the compression of the gas in which the photons move, reports the with reference to

According to physicists, light compresses air by means of an optical electrostriction pressure. Electrostrictive called the changing shape of the dielectrics.

The compressed air due to the optical properties prevent the free flow of photons which are in a kind of trap. As a result of ordinary white light begins to rotate inside the trap in all directions, which increases its intensity.

The publication Science Alert notes that proposed by researchers in the physical model still cannot explain some types of ball lightning observed in nature.

The British showed a solar Eclipse, captured more than 120 years ago. Video

In 2014, it was reported that Chinese physicists received spectrum of the “fireball”, and also filmed her appearance and evolution. Spectrum analysis of plasma showed the presence of emission lines characteristic of silicon, iron, and calcium items in large quantities present in the soil.

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