Scientists have identified the limits of the human body

People have reached their limits.

Вчені визначили граничні можливості людського організму

Scientists have identified the limits of the human body, reports Rus.Media. People have reached their limits.

French scientists have for several years studied the possibilities of the human body. According to their report, the researchers analyzed the human condition over the past 120 years. The experiment proved that humanity has reached the peak of their capabilities.

According to scientists, enhance intellectual and physical capabilities of each of us can only an artificial intervention in the body. Experts have not yet defined how to spend this kind of intervention, but research in this direction is already underway.

According to recent studies, the tallest men on the planet are residents of the Netherlands, with an average height of 185 centimeters. Most of the centenarians recorded in Japan, the majority of them were women. It is known that the average life expectancy of Japanese women is of 86.3 years.

The main factors, which are not allowed to develop human capabilities, scientists called bad habits, improper diet, chemical effects on the body.

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