Scientists have identified how many minutes of sex a woman needs for happiness

Perhaps you, too, have long wanted to know how long should sex last for a woman to feel satisfied and it was all arranged. The answer is found!

Вчені визначили, скільки хвилин сексу потрібно жінці для щастя

Sex researcher Kristen mark, University of Kentucky conducted an extensive study whose objective was to calculate finally the number of minutes, from the point of view of women, sex should continue, reports Rus.Media. The study involved 15 thousand people. And that’s what it became.

On average a woman is enough to have sexual intercourse lasted 10 minutes. But this is, again, average. But ideally, as the respondents admitted they would like sex lasted 15 to 20 minutes.

Of course, research Kristen mark was not the first. For example, in 2008, a similar survey was conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. At the time, the optimal duration sex female admitted 13 minutes.

In addition, in the same 2008 the canadian therapists (in collaboration again with us) was also involved in the search for the answer to this burning question. The result of tireless scientific research became the study with a tricky title “Presentation of American and canadian doctors, sexologists about normal and abnormal delayed ejaculation. How much should last sexual intercourse”, which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Interesting the doctors polled thousands of their patients who believed that they have a bad sex life. Women complained that the sex lasts a little unforgivable or, conversely, too long (Yes, a woman difficult to please).

In a survey of dissatisfied patients found that on average sex lasts 3 to 7 minutes. And that’s including foreplay! And they only want sexual intercourse lasted for 12 minutes. Nevertheless sex for longer than 20 minutes, as noted by all those unhappy women, they are also not satisfied.

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So, remember: it is important that you lasted more than 10 minutes, but managed to stay within 20!

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