Scientists have identified a sport that slows down aging

Вчені визначили вид спорту, який уповільнює старіння

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We all know that our body is not eternal. Of course this point does not occur all at the same age. Someone at the age of 45 who notices signs of aging in 50 or even later.

Is it possible to slow down the aging process? We believe that it is real. If the genetics we cannot change, then, for example, nutrition, lifestyle will be able to adjust for this purpose.

For anybody not a secret that an active lifestyle is one of the components long and healthy life. And each has its own methods: someone just uses walking, someone is constantly running, someone is swimming, etc.

Scientists from the University of Birmingham and king’s College conducted research and found out which sport has the greater impact on aging, but it slows it down. And that’s CYCLING. The study involved 125 people who did not smoke and almost never drink alcohol. They are all Cycling fans.

Вчені визначили вид спорту, який уповільнює старіння

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