Scientists have found who feels the happiest

Ученые выяснили, кто чувствует себя самым счастливым

It turned out that single women feel more happy.

The happiest people in society are unmarried and childless women, said the scientist-a behaviorist, Professor at the London school of Economics and political science Paul Dolan, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua

This conclusion was made on the basis of the American social survey.

It turned out that single women feel more happy. But ladies in marriage often said that happy only if there was a spouse.

If they answered the questions alone, then basically complained about the everyday problems and difficulties in relationships.

Dolan noted that unmarried and childless women happy just due to the lack of such problems. However, due to the pressure of society, which is a sign of success is the creation of a family, the feeling of happiness among single women is reduced.

The researcher noted that from the marriage mainly benefit only the men, who, after the establishment of a family lead more sedentary lives, less risk and earn more.

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Women, however, due to various concerns getting married to less good. In addition, their life expectancy is lower than unmarried of the same age.

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