Scientists have found which coffee does not increase cholesterol

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 Scientists have found which coffee does not increase cholesterol

Scientists from the Arctic University in Norway conducted a large-scale study and found out which type of coffee does not lead to an increase in cholesterol.

The study was started back in 1974 more than 13 thousand people with different physical activity, smokers and non-smokers, drinkers and teetotalers took part in it.

All of them were divided into groups according to their coffee preferences:

– lovers of filtered coffee;
– those who drink brewed coffee;
– lovers of espresso from a coffee machine;
– fans of instant coffee.

There was also a control group, participants who don't drink coffee at all.

Blood tests have shown that most types of coffee increase cholesterol. It turned out that filtered coffee raises cholesterol by 0.11 mmol/l, brewed coffee – by 0.23 mmol/l in men and 0.30 mmol/l in women (after 6 cups), coffee from a coffee maker – by 0.16 mmol/l in men and 0.09 mmol/l in women (after 3 cups).

Drinking instant coffee did not increase cholesterol levels in either women or men, even after large doses. Scientists explain this by a small amount of diterpenes – oily substances found in coffee beans.

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