Scientists have found the oldest mushroom

Ученые обнаружили древнейший гриб

The age of the finds is up to a billion years.

Mushrooms on the planet could appear much earlier than commonly believed, according to the with reference to Aspects.

The sample found in the Arctic region of Canada, explored the team from the University of liège (Belgium) with a scanning microscope and spectrometer. Analysis of fossils has allowed scientists to assume that the pattern dates back to the age interval from 900 million to a billion years.

Chemical analysis showed that the sample contained chitin. With chitin, the cell wall also modern fungi develops and the external skeleton of all arthropods.

It is the presence of chitin fibers and heteropogon convinced scientists that in front of them mushrooms.

The findings are very important because fungi, animals and plants are eukaryotes. “This means that if the mushrooms were already present around a billion years ago, it was supposed to be and animals,” — says the scientific Corentin Loan.

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Until now the oldest fossilized mushrooms were considered as samples from Scotland, whose age was about 400 million years.

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