Scientists have found the first farmers on Earth

Учёные нашли первых фермеров на Земле

The first pastoralists in North Kenya, about 5 thousand years ago.

The joint research of archaeologists and geneticists allowed us to resolve previously unknown question of life in Black Africa South of the Sahara thousands of years ago.

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Scientists from several institutions in North America, Europe and Africa analyzed ancient DNA extracted from skeletons 41 that were stored in the National museums of Kenya and Tanzania, as well as the National Museum of Livingstone in Zambia.

This allowed us to determine the origins of people involved in food production. The first forms of production was the breeding of cattle, goats and sheep. It gradually spread across most of Africa. As it turned out, first appeared pastoralists in Northern Kenya about 5 thousand years ago. They spread to Kenya and Tanzania, and 3500 — 4500 years ago have mixed with the locals in East Africa.

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Previously, the roots and the timing of the distribution of these populations was unclear, and some scientists believed that animals spread themselves, without relocation of people.

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