Scientists have found the dose of salt, dangerous for life

Ученые установили дозу соли, опасную для жизни

Scientists have figured out what dose of salt per day becomes life-threatening

Scientists conducted a study, which could establish how much of the salt eaten daily need to kill a man.

Deadly dose were trying to establish for 24 years. During this time people were increased observation. Scientists say that excessive consumption of salt leads to pathology of blood vessels and other undesirable for the body consequences.

Ученые установили дозу соли, опасную для жизни

All of these people aged 30 to 55 years had the beginning of the experiment, the tendency to arterial hypertension. During the experiment one of them died 272 people. After analyzing the circumstances of their deaths and comparing them with observations, the researchers came to the conclusion that the dose of salt, which people used to eat is their risk of dying prematurely.

Ученые установили дозу соли, опасную для жизни

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“Relatively safe number from 1.2 to 9 grams of sodium chloride per day. Those who daily ate more than 9 grams of salt puts their health at increased risk of death”, — cites the opinion of experts.

We will note, earlier nutritionists have called products that effect on people as drugs. One of them came and salt.

Food can cause addiction, not a weaker narcotic. A group of nutritionists conducted a large-scale study and were able to classify the types of products which cause such dependence.

In particular, it was found that salt, which is often deliberately added by producers in large quantity, effect when injected into the human body with neurotransmitter receptors of the brain responsible for reward. Thanks to their activity the person feels satisfied, so the foods that contain a lot of salt, used again and again.

Ученые установили дозу соли, опасную для жизни

In the same category products and sugar. Experimentally proved that the sugar receptors of the rat brain reacts as cocaine. So sugar in our days add not only sweetness, but also in many other food products.

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