Scientists have found that helps slow brain aging

Вчені з'ясували, що допомагає уповільнити старіння мозку

Spinach retards brain aging
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That help to slow brain aging and cognitive function pump? Come to the aid of physical activity, intellectual flow and even dancing.

Is it possible to keep the clarity and liveliness of mind in old age?

First rule: revision of diet. It is proved that a stable intake of omega-3 fatty acids (this is familiar to the older generation since childhood, unloved fish oil) provokes a rise of glutathione, creating a protection to the brain nervous tissue and is the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Capture coffeee drinks contributes to the leaching of magnesium (Mg) from the body. And this trace mineral helps to prevent the destruction of brain synapses. So, taking magnesium supplements help to slow aging of the brain.

A high percentage of lutein in the body of elderly persons (sources of this substance: spinach, cabbage, avocado) helps maintain nervous reactions.

To in the body is synthesized melatonin, tryptophan is required and the specified amino acid contain buckwheat, beans, walnuts, bananas, pharmacy chamomile, Valerian.

In the complex of measures on prevention of degradation processes of the brain necessarily included physical activity. Practice shows that individuals who lead a dynamic lifestyle, it is able to increase the intellectual potential of the brain in the age group of after 50 and even older.

Вчені з'ясували, що допомагає уповільнити старіння мозку

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