Scientists have found out which products COVID “lives” longer

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 Scientists have found out on which products COVID

British experts have confirmed that coronavirus can remain on some ready-to-eat foods for several days.

Scientists conducted tests for the Food Standards Agency ( FSA), deliberately spreading the virus on packaging and food, including fruit, baked goods and bottled beverages. According to the BBC, they selected items that people could put into their mouths without cooking or washing. traces of the virus within the first 24 hours. But in some cases, these traces lasted up to a week.

Experiments have shown that the virus persists longer on uneven-surfaced foods such as broccoli and raspberries than on smooth-skinned foods such as apples. Scientists say , apples contain natural chemicals in their skins that can destroy the virus.

However, cheese and cold cuts, which are high in protein and fat, appear to allow the virus to survive for several days, and possibly and weeks.

Coronavirus can also survive and stay for up to a week on plastic surfaces, such as containers.

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