Scientists have found out whether life is possible on orphan planets

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Scientists have found out whether life is possible on orphan planets

Results of recent research.

An orphan planet is a planetary mass object that revolves around the center of the galaxy, rather than around a specific star. Simply put, this is a kind of zombie planet that does not have its own Star. Such cosmic bodies must be cold, because there is no luminary that would warm them. But scientists are sure that life can still exist there, reports with reference to Channel 24.

So far, scientists are not sure exactly how the orphan planets are formed: either they are thrown into interstellar space from their native systems by gravitational disturbances, or the backgrounds can form independently outside the stellar systems. But some scientists are sure that even without the Dawn, which gives energy, life can exist on such an object. The corresponding study was prepared by an international group of scientists.

Can life exist on a planet without Dawn?

Scientists in the new study are sure that yes.

But there is one & # 171; but & # 187 ;. There must be a subsurface ocean on the planet. For example, such as on some satellites of the solar system: Europa or Enceladus.

But if theoretical life on a satellite is provided by the energy that these cosmic bodies receive from the giant planets, then the orphan planet itself is capable of generating heat.

The study says that on such a planet, the upper layer of the surface may be composed of ice. And under it liquid water may well exist. It will heat up thanks to the core of the planet. Accordingly, under such conditions life may well exist.

Such organisms will be protected from the radiation of interstellar space by a thick layer of ice. It is likely that such life cannot be developed.

There are organisms on Earth that do not need sunlight to exist. They can live in caves, in closed ecosystems; there is also unique life in the subglacial lakes of Antarctica; find life near black and white smokers – deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

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