Scientists have found out the real name of Tutankhamun

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 Scientists have found out the real name of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamun is one of the most famous Egyptian pharaohs. However, scientists believe that he had a different name.

This is reported by The Sun.

Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley believes that Tutankhamun's original name was actually Tutankhaten. This name literally means “the living image of Aton”, which reflects the worship of his parents to the sun god.

But, after a few years on the throne, Tutankhaten decided to change religion and began to worship Amon, who was revered as the king of the gods. Then the pharaoh changed his name to Tutankhamun – “the living image of Amun”.

At the same time, scientists say that the Egyptians knew the pharaoh under different names, he had as many as 5 of them.

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